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Tirar Hotel owns well established Laundry Department so as to make the hotel self sufficient. Our organization at the laundry is our clean setup at the bedrooms, toiletries, restaurant and lounges.  We also offer in house laundry services for our guests. All cloths for men and women, suits, white or colored, efficiently handled by our laundry staff, ironed and fold perfectly to your satisfaction in the same day.

CCTV Cameras
Our customer safety is our responsibility; the entire hotel is under 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance.

Electric Supply
The eclectic supply of the hotel is provided by 2x550Kva generators, one being enough to supply all power requirements, providing a clean and Uninterrupted supply of power for our guests at all times.

Wi-Fi & Communication
On site we have  Wi-Fi transmitters covering all rooms and compound. Wi-Fi is free for guests and conference organisers. Wi-Fi bandwidth is currently 2mb Down / 1mb Up and the bandwidth is per user is balanced to ensure acceptable performance is attained by all.

Shopping / Supplies
The hotel is at a walking distance from supermarkets and local shops

Pest Control
To ensure our guests comfort and safety we employ skilled pest control experts on a scheduled basis, ensuring our compound, high, medium and low risk areas are monitored and due diligence applied at all times.